Tommy with Hachiko in Shibuya circa 1959-1961, 1983, 2015 & 2018
(left two photographs by Katherine F. Crouch/center right by Kenneth D. Crouch/right by Kenneth Brandon Crouch)

Charles Frederick Schweinfurth Bridges in Rockefeller Park
Cleveland, Ohio (under development)

The South Facing Parapet of the Cuyahoga County Courthouse
Photo Stitcher (multi photo compositions) including alternate projections.
Cleveland, Ohio (under development)

Tarot Cards & Japanese Playing Cards Virtual Museum
Inspired by Tokyo's new Tarot Card Museum (opened in November 2021)

The Hundreds of Face Masks of Bartholomew Cubbins
(an ongoing pandemic project)

Outdoor Public Staircases around Tōkyō
unassociated with a shrine, temple or object of devotion.
(under development)

柳橋 Yanagibashi [Willow Bridge]
The final bridge on the Kanda River before flowing into the Sumida River
Mount Takao 高尾山 Tengu Country
A sacred mountain on the outskirts of Tōkyō with a view of sacred Mt. Fuji.
👺 The 天狗 Tengu of Mount Takaō
看板 Kanban around Tōkyō
Signboards, commercial sculptures, noren (shop curtins), etc.
Photo Cutouts around Tōkyō
Under development. (2/2021)
日本堤 Nihonzutsumi Taitō Ward
Heavenly Tempura in an historic setting & a Manga Boxing Hero. (4/2020)
新中川の橋々   Bridges of the Shinnaka River
25 bridges along this 5 mile river. Katsushika & Edogawa Wards
隅田川の橋々 Tōkyō's Sumida River Bridges,
Kita, Adachi, Arakawa, Taitō, Sumida, Chūō & Koto Wards (rev. 3/2020)
夜の 隅田川の橋々
Sumida River Bridges at Night (rev. 2/2020)
浅草  Asakusa, Tōkyō (12/2018)
健康こみち (足つぼマッサージ)  Reflexology Courses
名犬チロリ記念碑 An Inspirational Canine 東銀座 Higashi Ginza, Tōkyō
北千住 ・ Kita-Senju
東京北部の交差点 ・ Crossroads of Northern Tōkyō (rev. 5/2020)
天国への階段 Stairways to Heaven
Stair cases to temples & shrines on hill tops around Tokyo
日本の首都の聖なる断絶 Holy Escarpments of Japan's Capital
 North of the Chūō-sen 

 South of the Chūō-sen 


富士塚 Fujizuka - Surrogate Mt. Fuji
The spiritual benefits of climbing Mt Fuji without leaving Tōkyō
花園神社 Hanazono Shrine
A hidden gem (giant wooden phallus) in busy Shinjuku. (2/2021)
浅草狸通りの守護神たち The Patron Deities of Tanuki Ave.
An alley lined with mini shrines to various tanuki incarnations. Asakusa, Tōkyō
波除稲荷神社  Namiyoke Inari Shrine
Praying for the seafood we eat (from shrimp to seaweed). Tsukiji, Chūō Ward (2/2020)
柳森神社 Yanagimori Shrine 「おたぬきさま」O-Tanuki Sama
Move over AC/DC. These tanuki have the biggest. Kanda (3/2019)
曹源寺(かっぱ寺)  Sōgen Temple (Kappa-dera)
A temple dedicated to kappa, Japan's water sprite.
Kappabashi (12/2018)
富岡八幡宮  Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine
Monuments honoring the heroes of Grand Sumo Wrestling
Memories of Tōkyō
Night in Tōkyō (1957) 夜の東京
Blue Man Goop 藍染め (Indigo Dyeing)
Resist! 絞り
Saints Preserve Us! (Hagiographic Calendars)
(monthly calendars of Saints, Blesseds, Venerables & Servants of God) 
(聖人 福者 尊者 神の下僕暦)
睦月 (一月) January
如月 (二月) February
彌生 (三月) March
卯月 (四月) April
皐月 (五月) May
水無月 (六月) June
文月 (七月) July
葉月 (八月) August
長月 (九月) September
神無月 (十月) October
霜月 (十一月) November
帥走 (十二月) December
Obana's Grand Sumo Graphics
Sumo Technique illustrations stylistically attributable to Hirazaki Eihō
from the 1940 Japanese Goverment Railways Board of Tourist Industry book,
Sumo - Japanese Wrestling by Kōzō Hikoyama
大相撲 決まり手 鰭崎英朋画 (たぶん?)
Origami Calendars and Other Projects

南総里見八犬傳 Nanso Satomi Hakkenden
滝沢馬琴 Takizawa Bakin
The Grant Avenue Carmickles
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