Parapet of The Cuyahoga County Court House, Cleveland OH
(all images link to larger versions)

(above PhotoStitcher image from the five photos below-spherical warp surface)

from left to right on the parapet (all Brits & all men),
Stephen Cardinal Langton (Magna Charta),
Simon De Montfort (House of Commons),
Edward I (Judicial Reforms),
John Hampden (Petition of Rights),
John Somers (Declaration of Rights), and
Lord Mansfied (Commercial Law).

Some PhotoStitcher outputs of the same four photos (below) taken from the Hamilton side of the Court House stairs.

When initiating a stitching operation, PhotoStitcher offers five 'warp surface' options: plane, cylindrical, spherical (default), fisheye and stereographic.

Spherical (default)

previous projection stretched (y axis)



fisheye (reversed)

previous projection stretched (y axis)

stereoscopic (1st and 4th photos)