Saints Preserve Us! (monthly hagiographic calendars)
聖人たちよわれらを守り給え!  (聖人 福者 尊者 神の下僕の暦)
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May Calendars 1991-1999  皐月 (五月)

Vol. I No. 9 1991 May
(Voyage of St. Brendan)
artwork by Katherine Francis Crouch
landscape legal (8.5" x 11")
Vol. II No. 9 1992 May
May 1-9 May 10-16 May 17-23 May 24-31
letter on card stock cut into 4 postcards (one sided, 4.25" x 5.5")

Vol. III No. 9 1993 May (koinobori) (English)
horizontal ledger tryptich

第三巻 通巻九号 平成五年楽月 (鯉幟) (日本語)
horizontal ledger tryptich

Vol. IIII No. 9 1994 May (koinobori)
horizontal tabloid diptych

colored blank design
vertical ledger tryptich

Vol. V No. 9 1995 May

1995 Summer (May)
Grand Sumo Tournament

preliminary design single sheet ledger

1996 Spring/March Grand Sumo Tournament
Banzuke (ranking) using preliminary design

Vol. VI No. 69 1996 May (yagura)
horizontal tabloid diptych
from calendar: Until 1995 a yagura (wooden scaffolding tower) was built before each 15 day [Grand Sumo] tournament.
An announcer climbed the tower and beat a drum to signal the start & conclusion of each day's activities.
A permanent tower with elevator replaced the temporary yagura.

Vol VII No. 81 1998 May (koinobori)

Vol. VIII No. 93 1998 May (koinobori) (vertical ledger diptych)

Vol. IX No. 105 1999 May (koinobori)
horizontal ledger septatych

(incompletely) Colored design for Kenny Crouch's kanreki (60th birthday)
horizontal ledger septatych