Origami Calendars & other projects 

1996 Saints of Japan in August Origami Icon origami

1996 Clan Cross Origami Poster

1996 Grand Sumo Kyushu Basho Musing ( galley, origami )

1997 Grand Sumo Yokozuna through the Meiji Era-Origami Book
24 page accordian fold booklet with 24 origami decorations

1997 January Saints Preserve Us! Gazette

1997 Grand Sumo Hatsu Basho Musing origami blank
The Five Foreign Makunouchi Rikishi (all kachikoshi)

1997 Clan Cross Origami Poster origami/galley

1997 Grand Sumo Yokozuna Takanosato Career Highlights

1997 February & March Saints of Japan Origami Icon origami gazette
Including Takayama Ukon who was declared venerable in January 2016

Origami Business Cards origami

47 Ronin origami 1 2

1997 (August) 17th Century Saints of Japan Origami Screen Icons origami 1 2 3 screen 1 2 gazette

1997 September Calendar
Vol VIII No. 86 1997 October
(with origami decoration)

1997 (December) Martyrs of Edo booklet cover origami

1997 Christmas card origami

1999 October Booklet origami
Haru Basho 2016
Origami Menko