Angels in the Mastheads of 19th Century Japanese Newspaper Woodblock Prints
(collected for private consideration by friends of Tommy Crouch from several Japanese language sources on the web)

東京日々新聞 Tokyo Nichinichi Shimbun (Daily Newspaper, today the Mainichi Shimbun)
(left) 東京日日新聞大錦(開版予告) Tokyo Daily Large Brocade [woodblock print] Newspaper (debut notice)
by Ikkeisai Yoshiiku mid-1874 to late 1875 (from top right) Issues 1, 3 (left angel's member obscured by banner) & 1046
(bottom right) later variant – crude artistry (post Yoshiiku)

東京錦絵新聞 Tokyo Nishikie Shimbun (Illustrated News)

(top left) 大阪日々新聞 Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun (Daily News)
(top right) 諸国日々新聞集 Shokoku Nichinichi Shimbunshu (National Daily Newspaper) by Kikusui Shigehiro
(middle) 東京各種新聞 Tokyo Kakushu Shimbun (Tokyo All Types of Newspaper)(triptych)
(bottom)日々新★ Nichinichi Shinwa (Daily News)

繪入新聞 Eiri Shimbun (Illustrated News) by Morikawa Chikashige
新聞画解 Shimbun zu Newspaper Woodblock Print
平假名繪入新聞 Hiragana Eiri Shimbun (Illustrated News) by Morikawa Chikashige

官許錦画百事新聞 Kankyo Nishikizu Hyakuzu Shimbun (Government License Brocade Picture 100 Matters Newspaper) by Sadanobu II

新聞狂言俳優名寄 Shimbun Kyogen Haiyu Nayori by Kunichika (June 1875)

有たそのまま Atta Sono Mama by Sadanobu II
vertical cartouches

(from left) 日々新聞 Nichinichi Shimbun (Daily News)
新聞図会 Shimbun Zue (Illustrated News) by Sadanobu II & Shigehiro
大阪錦絵新聞 Osaka Nishikie Shimbun (Illustrated News)
大阪日々新聞紙 Osaka Nichinichi Shimbunshi (Daily News)
大阪錦絵新話 Osaka Nishikie Shinwa
大阪錦画日々新聞紙 Osaka Nishikizu Nichinichi Shimbunshi
(right) 大阪新聞錦画 Osaka Shimbun Nishikizu

(left) 東京日々新聞 Tokyo Nichinichi Shimbun (Tokyo Daily)
(middle, right & below) 大日本国絵入新聞 Dai Nihon Kuni Eiri Shinbun (Asano Shimbun) (All Japan Illustrated News) by Hoshu

日々新聞 Nichinichi Shimbun (Daily News)