Travels to Tokyo, Japan - A Growing Narrative.
(6 October 1956 to ?)
This year, 2016, is the sixtieth anniversary of my first trip to Japan aboard the Hikawamaru.

Katherine Francis Crouch aboard the Hikawa-maru with Tommy, Michael Choate & Kennth Douglas.
Here is the manifest from that voyage (Souvenir Passenger List)
Departing Seattle WA 21 Sept. 1956 and arriving Yokohama 6 Oct.

Nihon Daigaku Yochien (Kindergarten) 1957 (Yearbook)
Tommy and Michael Crouch were students.

The United States Information Service (U.S.I.S.) present

Exchange Professor (1957)

photopraphs 1956-1957 Tokyo

Map to the Crouch Family's Senzokuike Home (1959-1961) (by Marshall Fox Crouch) and front gate with Kenneth and Michael
池上洗足309番地  (occupying the site today: メソン洗足池  東京都大田区上池台二丁目)
Maps of Tokyo