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Ward Maps of Tokyo

Adachi-ku (Kitasenju)

Chiyoda-ku (Tokyo)

Chuo-ku (Nihonbashi & Tsukiji)

Ota-ku (Senzoku-ike)

Suginami-ku (Ogikubo & Amanuma)

Sumida-ku (Ryogoku)

Taito-ku (Ueno & Asakusa)
Kanto Area Sight Seeing Drive Map 1960 (Nihon Chizu Co. Ltd.)
(red dot on lower left is Senzoku-ike home)
The usage of Alphabet Avenues has disappeared. By 1964 all of Washington Heights (a U.S. Armed Forces enclave) had been returned to Japan.
I attended Yoyogi Elementary School in Washington Heights after being expelled (irreconcilable differences with the Brothers of Christian Instruction) from St. Mary's International School. Michael continued to attend St. Mary's.

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Gifts associated with the different prefectures of Japan
Metro News (Teito Rapid Transit Authority) 25 March 1961
メトロニュース  帝都高速度交通営団  昭和36年3月25日