Exchange Professor [U.S.I.S. film] 1957
Article about the filming in November 1957 Eiga (Film) Digest
Japan American Cultural Exchange - Fulbright Educational Program.
日米文化交流の姿   フルブライト教育計画

The film in 22 fragments.
(Educational Exchange Agreement - Fulbright Program) 0:51

Applicant Preparation 0:46
Bound for America 0:43
Bonding 0:39
Meet the Crouch Family of Amanuma 400 Ni-chome Suginami-ku near Ogikubo Station 2:07

The Crouch Boys off to Kindergarten 0:35
At Home with Mrs. Crouch 1:05
Futon and Manga 0:51
Nihon Daigaku Yochien
Kindergarten Songs 1:18
♫おはよう 、おはよう、
せんせい おはよう♫

Tokyo U. Institute of Nuclear Research (Tanashi) 0:54
Artwork by the Crouch Boys 1:06
Cosmic Rays 0:26
Ikebana 0:52
The Band 0:49
Lunch at the Institute 1:01
Soba & Kanji 0:41